Abstract submission is now closed!

Abstract Submission Instructions

  • Length of the abstract: the abstract title is limited to 50 words and the abstract text is limited to 500 words. References can be included (max. 100 words).
  • Please write your abstract using the following IMRAD structure: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, and Discussion/Conclusion if appropriate.
  • You will be asked to select the theme from the topic list that best suits your submission. This is to assist with the review process and the creation of the conference programme itself.
  • The scientific committee will decide whether an abstract submission is accepted as an oral presentation or a poster. Please note that only a limited number of orals will be accepted.


  • Neurogenic dysphagia / Swallowing physiology in health and disease

  • Pediatric and functional dysphagia

  • Neurogastroenterology

  • Geriatric OD / Presbyphagia

  • Dysphagia in Head and Neck cancer / ENT

  • Dysphagia in the ICU / Dysphagia and airway management

  • AI, semiautomated diagnostics in deglutology

  • Advances in clinical/instrumental assessment

  • Innovation in dysphagia treatment / neurostimulation

  • "My most interesting case“ (case seminar)

  • Miscellaneous

Timeline / deadlines

  • 15th April 2024Call for Abstracts Opens

  • 15th April 2024Early Bird Registration Opens

  • 2nd June 2024Call for Abstracts Closes

  • Late JuneAbstracts Acceptance notification

  • Thursday 31st July 2024Early Bird Registration deadline

  • 23rd-27th September 2024ESSD Conference

    Pre-courses on September 23rd–24th, 2024.
    Conference on September 25th–27th, 2024